Skin Care Routine For Winter.

Cold weather, harsh winds, and dry air can dry your skin and take a toll on its texture. Consider using a moisturizer that’s richer during the winter.
You need more care in winter, Add some extra skincare routine in winter. Not only by only skincare product with  other food and beverages that’s making your skin soft and beautiful. Here some tips for you on how to take care of your skin in winter.


1. Apply sunscreen.


Sunscreen protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. This zinc-based cream contains both vitamin E and photolyase meaning it both protects from and heals sun damage at the same time. User sunScreen regular basis, but be careful before using sunscreen.

2. Apply an antioxidant serum regularly.

apply serum

Antioxidants are like fire extinguishers that put out inflammation caused by free radicals,” Dr. Zeichner says. “They also help brighten the skin by blocking the production of abnormal pigmentation.

3. Always carry a lip balm.


Any balm that contains wheat germ oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, shea butter, sunflower oil, or cottonseed oil.

4. Cleanse the skin.

face clean

Cleansing your face is arguably the most important step of the skincare routine. But how much is too much when it comes to this essential radiant skin step Clean your face regularly and use proper facewash.

5.  Add in masks that nourish your skin.


Use mask cream-based, If clay-based masks are your typical go-to, you might want to rethink things once the weather gets colder.
Looking for masks full of hydrating and moisturizing ingredients is your best bet during winter months.

6. Think about what your individual skin needs.

Because of all skin types of different do If your skin is oily, dry, sensitive, or acne-prone or you deal with conditions like rosacea, psoriasis, or eczema, you need to take into account how these kinds of things might influence what your skin needs.

7. Skip The Topical Acne Medication.

acne medication

Acne medicines with salicylic or glycolic Acids treat pimples by drying them out, which inevitably dries out all of the skin around the little suckers. When that skin is dry, to begin with, it can create some major problems.