Top 30 Rangoli Designs With Flowers Images For Diwali

Flowers are itself a workmanship and rangoli made of these buds and blossoms is unique with other rangolis. This type of rangoli making is exceptionally well known all over the place. Regardless of what event is nevertheless Flowers add tones, scent, magnificence and so on to it.

Celebrations are the season when all India make rangoli before their homes by buds and flowers. It is favorable for some societies however in certain spots, it remembers for ordinary everyday practice. So here in this article, you can find out about the rangoli designs by flowers to attempt in the year 2021.

By flowers, rangoli is most of the design in onam and any other function, this is chemical free rangoli and easy to design. You can download these images in your so let’s enjoy HD rangoli design images, Here some simple and easy designs, these can be helpful for design. These are some fantastic simple rangoli designs by flowers. 

Simple rangoli designs of flowers for diwali. Image of rangoli Designs by flowers for competition ✓free hand ✓flowers petals ✓flowers decoration ✓dots flowers.

Rangoli designs with flowers images

The Welcome Flower Rangoli Design

What about inviting your visitors with amazement? Indeed, this rangoli is straightforward but excellent, that utilizes one yellow blossom, in the middle alongside its petals, with many white blossoms encompassing it.

The bloom buds are likewise flawlessly orchestrated between the white blossoms. Here is a basic one for you to attempt rapidly!


The vast majority make this rangoli for the welcome, and it doesn’t hurt nature too. The bloom represents virtue thus in sanctuaries and for promising events individuals make it. Round rangoli pulls in energy.

Rangoli design of flowers for diwali

Floral Rangoli Design for Diwali

Diwali is an auspicious hindu festival celebrated in India. It is the most popular festivals. People clean and decorate their house with lights and rangolis. Adding flower petal rangoli design would add a star to your decoration and even the simplest of its design looks very beautiful. 

Rangoli designs with flowers for competition

Swastik’ Shape Flower Rangoli Design

This basic rangoli plans with blossoms looks complex however is fairly simple to attempt. It follows an example of utilizing a solitary plan threefold, however with an alternate shading mix and size. 

There are sharp edges, and the external line is round fit as a fiddle. This flower Rangoli will look astounding when it’s improved with blossoms itself.


There are sharp edges, and the external line is round fit as a fiddle. This flower Rangoli will look astounding when it’s embelished with blossoms itself.



The unique event to make this rangoli is pooja either at home or Temple. Round shape pulls in inspiration and blossoms fill the scent in the environment. It is valuable for nature.

Bloom Petals with a Circular Border

This plan of rangoli has a triple arrangement of blossoms petals with a round line. Its middle has been all around brightened with petals as that of a lotus. Brilliant tones have been utilized, fundamentally comprising of light yellow and orange. Dark green has been utilized to give the Rangoli a characteristic impact.



The shape and arrangements show why and where to make rangoli henceforth, and this rangoli is appropriate for the invite function.The roundabout state of rangoli pulls in energy in the house. Blossoms is eco-accommodating consequently it won’t hurt nature.



Symetric Rangoli Flower Pattern

The balanced example must be utilized in the external part, while within incorporates a basic yet impeccable flower plan. External evenness must be finished with flawlessness to make the Rangoli spellbinding.


A slender green line has been made on the external part and the inside also in order to isolate and separate the two examples utilized in the Rangoli. This rangoli is appropriate for marriage ocassions for placing the “Kalash” in the middle circle.The round shape represents completeness and presence of God who is available all over.

Semi Circle fit as a fiddle Flower Rangoli

This plan is to be sure staggering and the lemon yellow petals utilized, upgrades its excellence significantly more. The blossom petals drawn are semi-circle fit as a fiddle, abutted wonderfully with one another.

Little diyas have been put on the external most line and on the floor also. Red, lemon yellow, mauve, white, green and orange utilized in the Rangoli, ended up being an extraordinary blend.

This eco-accommodating rangoli is appropriate for rangoli rivalries in schools and universities.The roundabout shape represents completeness, entirety and presence of God who is available all over.The blossoms indicate virtue and can be utilized as manures.

Rangoli designs of flowers with free hand.

Indian Flag Theme Flower Pattern

The petals in this Rangoli patterns depend on the Indian banner subject. A peacock has been entirely drawn at the middle suggesting the public winged animal of the country. Such Rangoli designs are a lot of predominant during enthusiastic events, for example, Independence day, Republic day and so forth.

The whole Rangoli has profound tones as its base and a mix of blossoms, seeds and Rangoli powder has been utilized.

The outline shows no completion circle that indicates the presence of God is all over the place.Exceptional event for this rangoli is Republic day and Independence day. The flowers indicates virtue and can be utilized as manures.

External Circular Borders Flower Pattern

This Rangoli configuration has a few petals and no external roundabout lines. It has a long Diya that remains in the center, and the whole set-up and this set up adds a shining.


Little Diyas have been put all over so that the blossoms appear to toss out fire shimmers around it. Such Rangoli  are for the most part utilized during the celebration of lights, Diwali.


This blossom rangoli fit as a fiddle is appropriate for Diwali celebration in sanctuaries.Each plan is made of bloom petals that can be re-utilized as composts.Blossoms itself shows the magnificence of nature and virtue.

Rangoli designs with flowers petals

 Square Shape Flower Rangoli:

The petals in this plan have pointed-edges, and the middle has a balanced square-shape. Little round plans have been done in the middle of the petals to give a substantial look to the Rangoli and occupy the void spaces that lie in the middle of the petals.

The petals have been finished utilizing assortments of Rangoli powder or blossoms.This plan is a magnum opus for pooja works as it were.

The insignia sign means the presence of God in the house. Its plan importance is inviting god in house for karma and joy.

‘Holi’ Flower Rangoli Pattern

This Rangoli arrangement is a mix of different blossoms, which have been utilized in an alternate patter. The word ‘Holi’ has been written in Hindi utilizing the petals of a yellow blossom. This Rangoli configuration is particularly for the celebration of Holi and this is the motivation behind why different shades of floweret have been utilized to design the Rangoli.

Rangoli itself signifies its significance as it Holi is the best celebration for it. Playing Holi with blossoms won’t squander water and it will not mischief the nature too.

Multi Colored Flower Rangoli

Look at this splendid hodgepodge of green leaves and vivacious bloom petals. This multi-hued floweret rangoli arrangement can be made for relationships or other social events. The blossoms utilized in this plan are like those utilized in the past one. However, the shapes and examples have made a major contrast between the two.

In the event that there is a marriage work going on in a family, at that point this rangoli configuration is the best improvement for inviting the visitors, for pooja and wedding service. Roundabout shape signifies the gifts of god all over.

Rangoli For Religious Celebration

A simple yet reviving flower rangoli, right? Be it a strict festival or a wedding service, this dazzling ‘shading mixed drink’ makes certain to command the notice of a great deal of visitors and add a punch to the temperament of the whole house.

Made utilizing the least difficult of blossoms, this one makes certain to grab the attention. In the event that you are making arrangements for a sentimental evening, at that point set up this rangoli in house. The energetic tones in the rangoli upgrade the sentimental state of mind and satisfaction.

Various Petals Of Flowers And Diyas Rangoli

This tornado bloom rangoli will likewise assist you with getting appreciations without a doubt. It has been made of maroon, orange, purple, yellow and orange petals of blossoms and enlivened with lit Diyas. While adding Diyas can be rangoli to ideal for Diwali, it will even look excellent with no other enhancement.This beautification is best for Diwali celebration and rivalries moreover. The energetic shades of blossoms upgrade the energy in the climate. Also, the plan is irregular, however the round example shows virtue and tranquility.

 Lovely Flower Rangoli Design

The example of the blossom made at the middle is the forte of this restrictive rangoli. You can perceive how blossom petals are utilized related to green leaves to make a wonderful roundabout plan.

At the point when you are intending to invite new visitor in the house like an infant the set up this rangoli at home as it’s splendid white and lively yellow shows the virtue and bliss and it draws in everybody. The roundabout example shows the endowments of god all over

Circle and round Flower Rangoli Design

While the majority of the rangoli’s arrived in a round shape, this awesome one has been given the genuine state of a blossom. The petals or lotus utilized in this creation have added another measurement to it.

This rangoli is reasonable for yard beautification consistently. The bloom brings bliss and renews the air in the environmental factors. Blossoms additionally pull in creepy crawlies with the goal that they can eat it. Thus, it can become nourishment for some creepy crawlies.

Appealing Flower Rangoli Designs

In the event that you love to play with colors, this one will be ideal for you to check out. The plan is very abnormal, and the floweret picked are wonderful. This example is reasonable for corporate capacities particularly in celebrations.

The round shape brings inspiration and success. Also, flowers can be utilized as manures once more.

Best Flower Rangoli Design

This is potentially outstanding amongst other bloom rangoli workmanship plans that we can actually see around. There is no uncertainty that the examples made here are exceptionally convoluted and one should have sufficient involvement with making rangoli plans prior to giving it a shot.

This rangoli is a combination of blossoms and grains for welcome service as it were. one can make this rangoli in their patio too. As talked about over, the round shape means the presence of God all over. The utilization of grain can become nourishment for some creepy crawlie

Bloom Rangoli in a Circular Motion

The petals are attracted a particularly that it gives the whole Rangoli a roundabout movement. Four Diyas are attracted to interface the four corners of the square with the roundabout Rangoli bloom plan.

Yellow, orange and red have been picked the essential tones to make the Rangoli look brilliant and appealing. This plan should be possible utilizing blossoms, seeds or Rangoli powder or can even be made more excellent by utilizing a blend of every one of the three.

Like circle, the square means the otherworldliness and holiness. Diwali is the best event to make this rangoli all over. Diyas in the rangoli brings light and thriving and draw in Goddess Laxmi.

Flower Rangoli Designs Using Flour

This freehand botanical rangoli configuration is made with shaded flour. In this plan tone is blended in with flour and rangoli design is made. This isn’t occasioned explicit plan for Diwali, Holi, Pongal, new year and different celebrations.

One can make this plan wherever for enrichment, More often than not individuals make this rangoli design for rivalries where freehand plans are made. It represents the nature that pulls in everybody and quiets the psyche.

Hallway / Corridor Floral Rangoli Design

As demonstrated in the image, this plan is making at the sides of the foyer where visitors can cross starting with one end then onto the next end. You can either draw the semi-circle or any bended plan at the closures.



White floweret are utilized at boundaries and colored flower petals are filled inside it. The dynamic and splendid tones add the excellence in function and on the off chance that this is a wedding, at that point can be the best invite back street for a lady. The dynamic tones bring satisfaction.

Flower Rangoli in Water Pot/Bowl

Pot botanical rangoli is another type of rangoli plan in which rangoli is made inside the pot that is loaded up with water. Presently fill the water with bright lilies and orange mogra, red roses and different blossoms.



Make the middle in the water with a blossom and surround the bloom with various tones as demonstrated in the picture. It glances lovely in the nursery and yard.The bloom rangoli in water gives the invigorating look to the plan and blossom will not dry in summers.



Extra Tips For Floral Rangoli Designs

Use floweret petals instead of the floweret with the goal that less blossoms are utilized. Make the diagram of the plan first at that point fill the blossoms in it so it will look clear and dynamic. Rather than utilizing white blossom petals utilize white powder for making limits with the goal that petals will flawless set up.

You can likewise utilize vivid grains for rangoli making if florets are not accessible. Stay away from the utilization of fan when blossom rangoli is made so petals don’t go uncertain. The flower rangoli arrangement is not difficult to make with common fixings like blossom petals, flour, and rangoli colors accessible on the lookout.