Simple and easy dots rangoli designs.

Rangolis are generally seen in many places during festive season. They have an indispensable influence in Indian happy festivals and their shape and tones shift from district to area.

So we present to you some Rangolis which are made simply by coming to an obvious conclusion. A portion of these designs are simple and some are somewhat hard to do, however should be possible with a little persistence and difficult work in any case.

So if this is your first time, don’t worry we have some basic designs for you as well. You additionally have a decision to keep the designs monochrome or use tones over it.

So appreciate making Rangolis and let the commendations stream your direction.


Simple flower rangoli with dot

This one is less difficult than the two we demonstrated before. This is a simple rangoli design with dots dependent on flower themes and is made utilizing the dots, so it will be simple for the individuals who are new to making Rangolis.



This design should be possible on any event or celebration according to your need. What’s more, the size can likewise be changed according to your needs.

Geometrical flower design with dots

Presently this one is marginally  difficut and complex design having flower, geometrical designs and themes. These kinds of rangoli designs take a ton of ability and practice.

The fundamental component of this is the white design over the dark foundation. The design is able for any exceptional festival and will no uncertainty draw in a great deal of consideration from your visitors.

This specific one is somewhat intense yet one may do it with a touch of training and persistence. The principle subject here is leaves, blossoms and other flower like examples.

Easy peacock rangoli design with dots

This one is very simple to do in any event, for a novice. In this Rangoli, we see dots being utilized to draw the themes of peacocks and blossoms.

The utilization of various hued lines makes this stand apart from the rest. Likewise the peacock theme is something which is remarkable.

Octagon shape rangoli design with dots

This one is formed as an octagon and is not the same as the standard square or round molded rangoli. Here dots have been utilized to associate and make this rangoli.

We love the blossom examples and basic designs which compensate for the entire Rangoli. This is likewise a complex rangoli, so the individuals who are different to it may think that its hard to do.

Shell/Shankh rangoli design with dots

‘Sankha’ is an indistinguishable piece of Indian Religion and its importance is never to be failed to remember.

It is a piece of every strict function and the sound of the Sankha is viewed as blessed. So this Rangoli utilizes the idea of Sankha examples to make this design with dots.

There are twelve comparative looking Sankha’s with six of them framing a flower rangoli design and the others a circle around the floret.

Dots curvy lines rangoli design  

Presently this is a a bit tough. There is a utilization of geometrical designs and shapes to make this Rangoli.

One necessities a great deal of training to get these outcomes, so attempt it and continue to do it till you get comparative outcomes. This design shows covering themes and should be possible on any event.

Easy single line rangoli design pattern

Now we present an exceptionally easy and little rangoli design with dots. This is a simple and easy rangoli  design. This should be possible at any spot and on any event.

One simply needs to draw the dots and utilize straightforward lines to join the dots. There are insignificant designs making this a basic Rangoli with dots.

Beautiful geometrical designs using dots.

This one is somewhat unpredictable yet in the event that you truly take a gander at it, there are just geometrical patterns.

The square molded Rangoli appears to be exceptionally perplexing yet in the event that you show restraint enough, it isn’t so troublesome. 

Lotus geometrical designs.

This one is a straightforward portrayal of the Lotus bloom in wording spot rangoli designs. As an amateur you can never turn out badly by evaluating this to invite the forthcoming year 2022. The dots are joined to frame the Lotus Shape.

The four lotuses make the external state of the Rangoli while in the center there is a basic botanical example. You can likewise leave a message in the center saying Happy New Year 

Floral and line dots rangoli

This one is somewhat perplexing spotted rangoli design yet at the same time with training one can accomplish it.

The celebration of Kolam is the birthplace for this Rangoli design, yet you can do this on any strict event. The design has botanical themes in the center with four lotus formed themes in the Rangoli.

Beginners Rangoli designs with dots.

This one is completely done utilizing flower designs. It is amazing for beginners. 

The Rangoli is in a Star molded example. The botanical theme in the middle merits referencing.

Basic Geometrical rangoli with dots 

On the off chance that you love simple examples for your Rangolis, at that point attempt this one. We love the delightful way the impact is very one of a kind yet there is straightforward work.

There are fundamentally geometrical shapes which are arranged to make flower designs. The design is simple enough for another rangoli creator and would suit a ton of events. So on the off chance that you think you are not master, start from designs this way. You may likewise shading the shapes for an additional impact like the image above.

Peacock rangoli designs dots 

Well we see such countless designs online of Rangoli with dots yet doubtlessly you will discover this one to be very special. The star shape in the center explains to make six swan shapes utilizing the Rangoli with dots method.

We love the way the Swan shape has been set to give the impact of a whirlwind.It is unquestionably going to pull in a great deal of appreciation and remarks from everybody.

Border rangoli designs with dots

This one is a botanical example and it is very basic. Indeed, even beginners will discover it very simple to do, so this will make an extraordinary Rangoli.

On the off chance that you actually need to do one rapidly, you may do this one as it is too simple and takes less time than different ones. This one looks incredible for formal events and furthermore for different capacities. An extraordinary event to do this would be to where you place your deity for love, or at your home passage.

simple basic Geometrical flower designs 

This is a decent blend of geometrical flower and customary examples. This one is a smidgen more perplexing than the ones novices can do without any problem. To get such fine outcomes, one may require a touch of training.

The geometrical design on the middle and on the external boundary merits an extraordinary notice. One can do this Rangoli on any event.

Auspicious  Rangoli designs with dots

This one is an easy geometrical style Rangoli. The utilization of geometrical shapes is apparent and this makes this Rangoli very not the same as other regular ones we are very used to see.

The design is made basically coming to an obvious conclusion with straight lines which makes it simple to attempt. We think this one is very able for an event. The special examples makes it an unquestionable requirement notice style

Floral Hexagonal designs with dots

Presently this design is basic as well. We love the amazing way a hexagon is utilized to make this dazzling rangoli. In the middle, there is a star molded theme followed by other geometrical examples.

The design is very simple and should be possible by beginners as well. We feel this one also should be possible on any event. So in the event that you need to astonish your visitor with an unordinary Rangoli design with dots, utilize this one. We are certain it will be the discussion of the day/night.

Traditional rangoli designs with dots

This is a simple and basic Rangoli design with dots. This design utilizes simple mathematical shapes attracted inside a circle to get this impact. Almost certainly it is exceptionally basic and simple yet that doesn’t make it exhausting.


We love the amazing way basic mathematical shapes like circles and triangles are utilized to make this Rangoli.

Diwali rangoli design with dots

This one is an incredible and simple Rangoli with dots. It tends to be done to feature. So you may do it on any conceivable event on any piece of your home or other such places.

May we recommend doing this design and setting a little vessel loaded with coasting blossoms and candles on Diwali night. The impact would be simply splendid. Likewise this one is not difficult to do, so it tends to be finished by those with less experience as well.

Bird rangoli design with dots

This is a decent design highlighting a couple of swans. The design includes the two swans and there are likewise straightforward bloom designs which feature the design.

The design is likewise straightforward enough to be finished by anybody. One may require a touch of training however this should be possible without any problem.

A basic botanical design which can be utilized on any event and can be utilized overall or as a piece of a greater design. This blossom example can be utilized to make more comparable examples and transform it into a bigger Rangoli.

We love its simple look and accept this should be done by even an unpracticed Rangoli creator. This is reasonable for any event.

Swan Geometrical designs with dots

Swans are a typical component in Rangolis alongside Peacock designs. We can see again in this Rangoli that the swan design is utilized alongside different mathematical designs which make this Rangoli look very special from the rest.

There are numerous kinds of little subtleties in this design which makes it very hard to repeat for an unpracticed craftsman.

This design is likewise novel and highlights Butterflies. The botanical example in the center is encircled by four butterflies toward every path.

There are no little subtleties and this should be possible effectively by novices as well. We love the newness of the design.

We trust all of you love these designs and improve ones. We couldn’t want anything more than to add them to our assortment too.