Rangoli Designs With Colors For Painting & Drawing

Rangoli these days is the trendier for the design purposes. These truly upgrade the little embellishment and its flawlessness and look dazzle others. These can be found external the house, sanctuary and even around some assembly hall for an occasion.

The rangolis  gives a cute hope to be respected by individuals. One such plan is oil paint rangoli designs in which one uses the oil paints.

These paints are very sparkling and amazing which adds to the kind of the rangolis. There are numerous such designs for oil paint plans.

Rangoli Design With Colors For festivals

Mostly people of the India don’t know about the types of rangoli designs. In India all states has its various types of rangolis.

Rangoli Designs For Painting on Floor

Beautiful Rangoli Designs:

The oil paint rangolis have numerous plans which can likewise be found in the city. The excellent plans can be intended for some enormous occasions. The most awesome aspect lies in its sparkle and the utilization of dim tones would be the most ideal decision for this.


Rangoli Design For Drawing

light Oil Paint Rangoli Designs:

The rangoli oil paint can likewise be utilized in dim configuration. The dim configuration would give a really sparkling look. The dim tones are by and large planned in the city.

These add to the tone and kind of the rangolis. The most ideal decision ought to be the utilization of multicolour.

Basic Rangoli Designs

The basic rangoli ideas are intended for little occasion and event. These can have a little measure and can be utilized external the home. One of the photos of simple rangoli is given in the picture source. The utilization of multicolour can likewise be applied for the basic plans.

Muggulu Rangoli Design:

The simple oil paint rangoli design has one such plan more like Muggulu plan which resembles a round circle made with blossom, hearts, and leaves. The picture clears the appropriate significance. The utilization of multicolor paints improves the degree of rangoli in this.

Line Rangoli Design:

The line rangoli plans are planned close to the entryway or the sanctuary to give the boundary an alternate look. The oil paints can be compelling in planning the line as well. The utilization of multicolor paints would improve the degree of rangoli. The most ideal decision would utilize the oil paint designs with lights.


Blooms Rangoli Design:

The floral oil paint rangoli design can be the piece of excellent idea. These can be the best rangoli plans for some extraordinary occasions. The utilization of blossoms truly gives a wonderful hope to be respected by individuals. Likewise, the utilization of multicolor should be there.

Peacock Oil Paint Design

With the assistance of oil paint, one can even plan the peacock. The wonderful peacock would truly give some lovable hope to dazzle individuals. This can likewise be attempted in rangoli rivalries. The utilization of multicolor will give the best result regarding rangoli.


Acrylic paint Rangoli

You can make your own acrylic color paint rangoli using acrylic colors. You can paint walls and floor tiles if you want to try this and kids are going to love this very much.


Acrylic Rangoli designs also looks very pretty, and consumes less time.


The oil paint rangoli Designs have a lot more plans yet these were the absolute best. All that plan can be the bloom plan alongside us of lights however for some little events, one can plan some simple and basic rangoli plans.


These oil paints Rangoli designs are so easy to maintain that you can easily draw them on door entrances, and middle of corridors as apart of interior decoration and also on side walls to give a freestyle look.

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