Top 30 Rangoli Designs For Ganesha Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is Hindu celebration celebrated to respect the elephant-headed God Ganesha’s birthday. He is the 2nd child of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Making Ganesh Rangoli is one of the part of celebrations.

Ganesha is known by 108 unique names and is the Lord of Science and art and the dev of intelligence. He is prayed toward the beginning of customs and functions as he’s viewed as the God of beginnings and for good lucks. He’s generally and beyond all doubt alluded to as Ganapati or Vinayaka.

There are two distinct renditions about Ganesha’s introduction to the world. One has it that Goddess Parvati made Ganesha out of mud off her body while having a shower and set him to lookafter the entryway while she completes her daily rituals.  (Meanwhile you can check Rangoli designs ganesha below)

Shiva who has gone out, returned around then, however as Ganesha didn’t know about him, he prevented lord shiv from entering. Angered Shiva cut off the head of Ganesha after a battle between the two.

Parvati was devastated and Shiva guaranteed parvati that Ganesha will live once more. The devas who went looking for a head pointing toward the north of a dead individual could fix by just the top of an elephant. Shiva fixed the elephant’s head on the kid and resurrected him.


The other rumors have spread far and wide suggesting that Ganesha was made by Shiva and Parvati on solicitation of the Devas, to be a vighnakartaa (impediment maker) in the way of rakshasas (devilish creatures), and a vighnahartaa (hindrance averter) to help the Devas.


During the inviting period of Ganpati at home, everybody improves their home, settlements and doorsteps with the Rangoli, blossoms and petals.

Presently, every time you need to think what kind of Rangoli plan you ought to beautify your home with, isn’t that so? However, not currently! In this blog, you will get all the most recent and distinctive ganpati rangoli plan and examples and plans that you can search for while making Rangoli for Ganpati Chaturthi.

How about we investigate the beneath referenced 15 simple and speedy Rangoli plans for Ganpati utsav.

Ganpati Rangoli

Indeed, the above all else plans that strikes a chord is ganpati rangoli plan . The image of Lord Ganesha made with the diverse shading mixes. The energized feel and vibe of this Rangoli design ganesha will make your home look delightful on Ganpati Chaturthi.

Ganesha rangoli designs with dots

You can even include sparkles the sides of the lord Ganesha rangoli design to make it look extraordinary simply like the Lord himself.

Encompassing with Diyas Ganpati Rangoli Design

What’s your opinion on the Lord Ganesh Rangoli configuration encircled with diyas? Truly, to upgrade the magnificence of the Rangoli plan, you can embellish it with the diyas or candles to light up your muggulu just as home this Ganpati Chaturthi.

This is certainly a basic and simple Rangoli example to adorn your home with!

Easy Rangoli Design.


Freehand Rangoli basic ganpati rangoli

The freehand Rangoli of Lord Ganesha is very simple to configuration to embellish your home this Ganesh Chaturthi. You can decide to go with the brilliant Rangoli colors like yellow, orange and red alongside the dull earthy colored shades to plan its limits.

Presently, brighten your home with the round style freehand ganpati rangoli.

Rangoli with Flower petals Ganpati rangoli plan

Rangoli designs that are made with the blossoms and petals are certainly stylish nowadays, most importantly, they are not difficult to made and plan and also, you can pick the various assortments of tones in petals to enhance the ganesh ji ki rangoli .


For an immaculate look, this Ganpati Chaturthi pick this style of Rangoli design ganesha to enhance your home instead of beautifying it with those normal designs

Simple Ganesh Rangoli

The simple and easy rangoli idea at the doorstep won’t ever neglect to clothing the consideration of the guests. You can utilize the diverse enchanting tones to plan this style of muggulu alongside the Swastik plan on the sides.



This Rangoli design Ganesha is not really tedious and your Rangoli design will be prepared inside a restricted time span.

Easy Rangoli Designs Ganesha

Truly, you can plan enriching muggulu at your home or some other spot to invite Ganesha. While brightening this ganesh ji ki rangoli , you will require various types of bloom petals, colors, betel leaves and obviously, diyas to embellish its excellence.

This is totally a superb rangoli design or example that you ought not miss this Ganpati Chaturthi to shook each guest at your place.

Ganpati Kolam Rangoli Pattern

This Ganpati Chaturthi celebration, dump those exhausting enhancing thoughts for ganpati muggulu . Presently, you can beautify your home with current rangoli designs, which are not difficult to make and loos brilliant simply like Ganpati kolam muggulu rangoli design idea.

The Ganpati kolam rangoli idea made with bloom bud petals will look excellent when planned cautiously at the sides of you home. You can without much of a stretch minister this rangoli idea at your solace. Anyway, would you say you are prepared to invite the Lord Ganesha with full enthusiasm?

Simple Rangoli Design Ganesha  for Beginners 

On the off chance that you are a fledgling in rangolis, at that point you can decide to proceed with this great yet easy simple Rangoli Design Ganesha to adorn your home this Ganesh Chaturthi. The ideal mix of tones like dark, white, blue and pink can improve the excellence of the designs.

You simply need to draw a diagram of the Ganesha with white rangoli shading and afterward begin adorning it with various tones. Try not to keep it excessively garish with colors, simply keep it negligible in plan and shading to add style to this plan.

New Flowers Rangoli Design Ganesha

A few people additionally really like to plan rangoli with new blossoms and petals. Along these lines, on the off chance that you are one of the individuals who love new blossoms and love to enrich your home, at that point this Ganesh Chaturthi, don’t pass up this rangoli to design your muggulu just as home.

Simply pick the correct blossoms yet it ought to be totally new to add newness and scent to your muggulu design . Subsequently, would you incline toward this rangoli plan on Ganesh Chaturthi?

Multicolor Rangoli Design for Ganesh Chaturthi

Would you like to plan an awesome muggulu on Ganesh Chaturthi? All things considered, the Multi-shading rangoli configuration can be the one you are looking for!

To make your home look lively and wonderful on the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi, you can go with this Multi-shading rangoli with Lord Ganesh envision himself alongside its boundries.

Subsequently, don’t go with those old  rangoli colors and pick something quirky this celebration.

Mind boggling Rangoli Design Ganesha

On the off chance that you are an expert in making muggulu plans, at that point this one may be ideal for you! The complex ganpati rangoli designs on the limits and Ganesha picture in the center with various layers can make just be made by the actual expert.

Obviously, it is smidgen tedious however it can make your home look magnificent and energetic. With happy in general, welcome Lord Ganesha with full band and blast!


Creepy crawly Leaf Rangoli Design Ganesha (peepal leaf)

You can improve your muggulu with bug leaf’s also. Truly, in the event that you haven’t attempted this previously, at that point this Ganesh Chaturthi celebration, you would  be able to head with Lord Ganesh rangoli alongside the mix of Peepal leaf, diyas and candles to upgrade its excellence.

Utilize the shadings like red, yellow, blue and green to make it look awesome to every individual who pay visits at your home! 

Spots and Circles Rangoli Design 

This Ganpati celebration, you can enliven your home with the Ganesha picture rangoli that is made with the dabs, circles and lines. Without question, it’s a cutting edge style ganpati rangoli design that will make your home look awesome and wonderful with the ideal bubbly vibes.

Hued Powder Rangoli Design

The basic yet authentic rangoli design with Ganpati kolam and hued powder is without a doubt an extraordinary one to search forward for this Ganesh Chaturthi celebration.

Most importantly, this muggulu pattern is not difficult to make and furthermore, it simply requires a few abilities to make this plan from freehand. In this way enrich your home with this stunning rangoli with hued powder and you are totally ready.


Enliven it with Lotus Flowers

The last  muggulu ideas and patterns for Ganesh Chaturthi is simple rangoli design ganesha idea in the center and outer limits are planned with lotus blossoms. Then enhance it, you can add diyas and candles to make it look energetic and excellent.

To summarize everything, the previously mentioned 15 remarkable rangoli designs ideas will assist you with picking the one for you on this Ganesh Chaturthi celebration.