Rangoli Designs for Pongal

Pongal is commended in mid-January. This celebration is devoted to god sun and harvesting. This is praised for the favorable impending of Uttarayana. In south Pongal is commended for four days, each family unit shows it’s appreciation to nature.



In exacting terms Pongal implies “gushing out”, it has been named after the convention where a pot loaded up with rice is cooked until the over begins to flood in the pot. In various districts, this celebration is known with various names.



Pongal is practically around, we brings some stunning rangoli designs that you can attempt. These all are in pattern at this moment and are very simple to make.


You can utilize anything you need to make these designs yet we propose utilizing shadings and a portion of the bloom petals. For white tone, you can utilize flour to plot the designs or to feature any piece of the rangoli.

Rangoli designs for pongal with dots

Maatu Pongal Kolam Design

Searching for a more conventional and exceptionally real rangoli plan for Pongal? All things considered, you will cherish this Maatu Pongal Kolam Design which is customary and portrays the ceremonies of Pongal truly well.



Indeed, it is one of the most established and most well known sorts of designs here. Ladies normally make it on the actual ground by collecting a base of yellow soil. In the wake of making a decent thick base, they draw this rangoli over it to stamp the festival of Pongal.



This rangoli has the designs of cow and its calf, sugar stick, sun and all the significant stuff needed for Pongal Puja. This one is an extraordinary portrayal of customs and ceremonies done on Pongal and has a delightful vibe. It is quite simple to make as well however you need to check the framework first through white chalk.

Rangoli kolam designs for pongal

Pongal Pot Kolam Design

The convention of Pongal should be obviously portrayed through the Pongal kolam rangoli designs and remembering this, we settled on our next pick.

This one is a Pongal pot kolam  design exhibiting the significance of pot in Pongal. As indicated by the ceremonies, Pot is put on the fire and Pongal rice is cooked and permitted to bubble and pour out.


This custom is viewed as the image of success and monetary improvement throughout everyday life. Thus, making this rangoli exhibits a similar convention where you need to draw a pot and rice gushing out over from it.

Wonderful shadings like pink, green, orange and white are utilized for it. You can compose Happy Pongal on top of it.



This Rangoli is very easy to make and you can make the cycle much simpler by denoting the blueprints through white rangoli shading.

Traditional rangoli designs for pongal

Margazhi Kolam Dots Design

You should realize that Margazhi Kolam designs are not the same as that of customary rangoli designs. Curiously, they are not made utilizing any tones yet white and still look exceptionally dazzling. Margazhi Kolam designs are made particularly for Pongal and should be made on a dull foundation.

The one that we have picked here is a dab Margazhi Kolam which is very easy to make and generally based on joining the specks as it were.The basic plan begins by joining the dabs and making a begin of it. You can likewise add turns in it as indicated by the plan you need. 



The plan here is totally founded on leaves and semi-circles. It is broadened in a similar way and doesn’t need a lot of exertion to be made. You can round out the designs from inside in however you need. In any case, just white tone is utilized

Mattu pongal rangoli designs

Colourful Happy Pongal Dot Design

OK, so our next pick among the Pongal rangoli designs is an interesting and very expounded one. This one is loaded with colors. In this way, you will have to stamp the dabs first and afterward interface them to make the layout of the rangoli.

This one is additionally a pot rangoli design however it is extraordinary from the prior plan as it is made by drawing an obvious conclusion while the previous one was free-hand.



Indeed, this rangoli is additionally greater than any time in recent memory so you will require a ton of tolerance while making it. The video connected will take care of you with the means.

The tones needed for this rangoli is clearly white for the framework, pink, blue, turquoise, green and so forth The plan turns out to be excessively lovely toward the end so keep your hands consistent and begin rehearsing it.



In this example, you can see that two peacock plumes have been made on the two corners. To do the feather linings you can utilize a pen, a toothpick, and earbud or anything with a meager mouth.


This rangoli is best for individuals who need their rangoli to be more brilliant and the sky is the limit from there featured in this Pongal.


In the event that you like to keep it customary, at that point go with this design. It doesn’t need more tones yet it will require some investment as in traditional designs you should be more cautious about the tidiness of the design.



Additionally, there is not really any apparatus that can be utilized for this plan. However, your persistent effort will be paid off once you will see it looking so perfect and spreading positive vibes around.

This plan will open each individual’s mouth visiting your home. It utilizes pretty much every tone. In the event that you would prefer not to utilize all tones as appeared in the picture then you can simply utilize three or four tones that you like. This rangoli is huge and utilizes a blend of a few examples.



For amateurs, this plan will be awesome. It is calm looking and simple to make. To start with, draw the example utilizing chalk at that point fill the zones utilizing colors. You can likewise add more tones in the event that you need to make it more bright.

After the internal parts are filled you can utilize flour or white tone to layout rangoli. After the pooja, you can improve it with Diyas.



In this example, face designs have been utilized. It additionally has Kalasha a generally utilized pot in Poojas in Indian culture. Make this rangoli to give your Sankranti rangoli a Sankranti plan.

Red, green, and blue are the featured shadings that have been utilized in the plan. Additionally to give it a flawless look configuration has been plot with white tone.



A circle that does everything! For this situation, there are four circles. To make this rangoli you would first be able to draw three circles and afterward little circles around the huge circles. This rangoli utilizes shades of tones.



As you can see first there is a dim shading diagram and afterward the light tone is filled inside. The leaves look more alluring along these lines and despite the fact that it is a basic example it doesn’t look straightforward at all because of its concealed shading.



This design doesn’t need filling in the tones since it is significantly made of chalk plan. Rather than colors, it utilizes a hefty example.

The floweret will be not difficult to make. One simply needs to float along with their hand. floret tones can be of your decision, you can shade them with any shading you need to.




It is simply stunning thus flawless. This Sankranti don’t be reluctant to evaluate designs this way. It has all that a rangoli can actually need to have. Calm and flawless tones and customary plan with a cutting edge contact. Bull face, blossoms and a cottage, who might have thought a mix of these could look so stunning.


This arrangement will be extraordinary to adorn the house. floweret go with everything. In the event that you need to go with more lively tones you can utilize them. It will in any case look as excellent as this.