2021 Latest Rangoli Designs For Diwali

Diwali Rangoli Designs 2021

Diwali/Devali/Deepavali is a very big festival celebrated in India by enriching their homes with earthy mud diyas and wonderful rangolis before the house. Diwali is more similar to a social affair of families, expound feasts with mithais, blasting of brilliant saltines, etc.

It’s a thrilling day, so lets make this diwali much more fun by making these diwali rangoli plan at your home. You can discover excellent diyas in diwali welcome card designs which make certain to illuminate your homes and lives.

In this post we have added Beautiful Diwali rangoli designs for making your Diwali fun.

It is the most popular festival in India and during this festival a lot of shopping is done. People celebrate diwali by putting diya and lighting their home. People greet each other and exchange gifts.

To make this moment special people even decorate their home by various methods and one of them is decorating with rangoli design.

We  have more than 100 images 2020 latest rangoli designs for diwali which would make your celebration double. These are simple images and can easily be made by any individual.

Rangoli designs diwali special

You would find a lot of rangoli design images all over the internet but its time consuming to separate the special diwali collection. 


We bring you rangoli designs diwali special collection here which we are sure you would love.


Rangoli designs for diwali with dots

The yearly custom of cleaning and enriching homes is at last here! It’s an ideal opportunity to appreciate

Diwali and the numerous things inseparable from the much-anticipated celebration, similar to the lighting of diyas and wearing new garments.


In any case, we have not referenced something vital — making rangoli. Furthermore, on the off chance that you have been considering the ideal design, we are here to help.


These quick rangoli designs looks so beautiful and yet low efforts to make it.

If you are searching for quick Rangoli designs, at that point these are the ideal ones.

Rangoli designs for diwali free hand

The following are some lovely and basic designs that you can make today. Look at them:

Free hand rangoli designs are quick to make and you dont really need so many tools. you can just follow go with the flow technique to make these.


Rangoli designs for diwali with diya

Diyas add another level glow to your rangoli designs. make sure to add them during diwali nights to make it look even more beautiful.


This one may look hard yet take a gander at the explosion of colorful shades. Zestful rangolis add a component of pizzazz to your home.

We can make rangolis at the corridors of our homes to invite the Goddess of abundance, Goddess Laxmi and forestall malevolent or any sort of antagonism from going into the house.

Rangoli designs for diwali easy and beautiful videos

Basic and Easy Rangoli Design

This simple Rangoli design for Diwali is the most effortless. Very little exertion is required, just made with simple basic easy tones and with very little expound designs. In this, colors assume a vital part as the differentiating tones are giving it an engaging look.

Rangoli Design With Flowers

Looking like a bloom, this Rangoli is likewise made with regular blossoms. Rangoli with flower petal is not difficult to make for the novices making it unexpectedly. It gives a characteristic look while keeping a new environment also.

Peacock Rangoli Design

Peacock planned Rangoli never neglects to shock you with another look each time improving your passageway excellence with lively tones.


Swastik Rangoli Design

Swastik is made on each strict Hindu celebration in India. It is generally well known in Diwali as it represents the inviting of your visitors in the house. This Rangoli pattern is totally customary and makes it considerably more dynamic with the differentiating colors utilized.

Geometrical Rangoli Designs

Geometrical Rangoli designs comprise of concentric circles, square shapes, triangles and the wide range of various shapes you can consider. In the event that you need to be distinctive among all your different loved ones with a similar customary Rangoli designs you should make a geometrical pattern this year.

3D Rangoli Designs

In 3D Rangoli designs, a concealing impact with a differentiating tone or light and dim shade of a similar tone is utilized to give it a 3D special visualization. It upgrades the total look of the Rangoli.

Most recent Traditional Designs Of Rangoli

In case you’re partial to making customary designs, go post for the most recent conventional designs with advancements to build the ordinary stylish allure of Rangoli.

Corner Rangoli Designs

In the event that you don’t have an expansive region to make a total Rangoli to give an excellent look to your passage, don’t stress! These corner plan Rangoli are your friend in need.

Square Pattern Rangoli Design — It is a less tedious rangoli plan.

Simply snatch a scale and a chalk and you are finished with essential square design for your rangoli. This looks exquisite. You can likewise compose ‘Upbeat Diwali’ in the rangoli to make it look considerably more pleasant.

Diwali is a celebration of rangoli shadings and lights. Also, despite the fact that the circumstance presently may be intense, add a smidgen of shading in your home and existence with these rangoli designs.
We wish you and your friends and family a glad and prosperous Diwali and can dare to dream one year from now things are better. Yet, till then how about we commend the manner in which we can and start with these rangoli designs.