Rangoli Designs Border Images for home in various patterns

Border Rangoli Designs for Doors and corners

Rangoli is a compelling artwork, starting in the Indian subcontinent, in which these designs and drwaings are made on the floor or the ground using materials, for instance, color- toned rice, dry flour, and concealed sand or flower bud petals.

It is regularly made during Diwali , Onam, Pongal and other Hindu celebrations in the Indian subcontinent. these drawings are passed beginning with one age then onto the following, keeping both the imaginative articulation and the show alive.

The purpose behind Rangoli is an improvement, and it is thought to bring favorable circumstances. Framework depictions may moreover change as they reflect and shows, old stories, and practices that are fascinating to each region.

It is usually done by youngsters or women. All things considered, the designs are presented on events, for instance, celebrations, great observances, marriage festivities, and other relative achievements and social events. In Nepal, Colorful Rangoli is delivered utilizing colors and is lit up around night time.

Birds border for rangoli

This is an example of birds that can be drawn as border. This a very unique bird rangoli design for borders which looks absolutely stunning.


Basic flower buds kolam border 



Flower bloom ideas that too with colors are great in rangolis. Flower border rangoli never goes out of fashion. This kolam pattern looks so good when colors are added to it.The border can look more attractive in real.

Rangoli border designs with flowers

Rangoli designs for border ideas for Diwali –  Diya Theme 



Two borders for rangoli I pursued for Diwali 2021 with the topic diyas. One in which the diyas are addressed through rangoli and other with the welcome Happy Diwali in the rangoli finished with traditional diyas.

Rangoli border designs with Dots


Coming to Rangoli ideas , splendid colors are picked. The model in like manner consolidates usage of colorful rice or splendid petals. Ideas change from dots to put along these lines does the name. Rangoli has particular names in different regions of India.

Certain good pictures are used for rangoli theme competition . This array of using pictures has been passed from forever.

rangoli designs for diwali with dots looks just so traditional for any festival. you can tray these patterns for next festival or celebration you are going to celebrate.


Rangoli border designs for sankranthi

A couple of very simple rangoli borders or border muggulu beneath. Both are botanical/floral ideas. The first has three blossoms one with pink and other two on one or the other side with blue petals. All have a basic border at the base.



The subsequent border design has a blossom with a couple of petals as appeared. Both can be drawn at the base of a greater rangoli or around a rangoli when we need to add a few themes. The first above can likewise be drawn as a perpetual plan of substitute pink and blue blossoms.


Precious Stone Pattern Rangoli design for border 

Rangoli borders or border kolam patterns may really address adornments with regards to magnificence, multifaceted nature – regardless of whether gems arrangement is drived by such idea or rangoli border ideas are because of the motivation we draw from excellent gems!.

Two rangoli borders over that can be draw around greater plans or autonomously on entryways.

Rangoli border designs with bangles

Using Bangles we can try numerous designs for rangoli. We  have curated best easy bangle rangoli designs for you have alook at the collection below.



Using contrasting colors immediately looks so attractive. Decorate rangoli with some diyas and it will look absolutely eye candy.



You can place bangles in this way as shown in picture and can make best flower rangoli from bangles. 



 Also check this gallery for the best collection of rangolis.


Toran type Border Rangoli design.

Rangoli borders can be drawn at entryways as well . The entryway is likewise enlivened with a rangoli ideas notwithstanding the rangoli drawn at the passageway. Since just a width is so just  accessible, simple plain yet adorable and delightful designs can be made in the space.

Five such rangoli plans have been drawn underneath, for reference. I have kept up the lines on the sides and changed the plans at the middle.


After a couple of brilliant rangoli borders a bunch of three borders plain and white that can be utilized at entryways or as borders for rangoli designs or on the sides of a patterns.

The subsequent one can be utilized around a rangoli design while the first and third can be drawn along the base of a rangoli. Twisting themes and other geometrical shapes have been utilized in the designs.