Mehndi Design

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Either its a festival or wedding season girls love to apply mehendi on their palms. They sometimes also apply it for fun. It is a paste that has been applied as a religious belief since the ancient Indian time. If we further elaborate mehendi, then it is a body art or a temporary tattoo that is applied on the palms using a paste made from dry henna leaves commonly known as mehandi. This is the art of skin decoration, which originated from ancient India. Indian women love to apply Mehendi on their hands and feet on festivals and some special occasions. It is very popular among women of Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives, Africa, and the Middle East. After the 90s Mehendi also became popular in the West where it is commonly known as henna tattoos. 

Mehendi has a great significance in the Indian mythology. It is applied while performing the classical dance Bharatnatyam. It is applied at festivals like Teej, Karwa Chauth, Diwali, Bhai dooj, Eid, and weddings. It is a ritual to apply Mehendi at weddings and auspicious functions. A special evening known as the Mehendi function is arranged in weddings to apply it. It is one of the important makeup accessories for brides in the Asian subcontinent. It is also applied in pre-wedding functions like engagement and post-wedding functions such as reception parties. Not only brides the grooms also apply Mehendi on palms at the time of the wedding.

Making of the Mehendi

The Mehendi is usually applied to make a dark brown stain that remains for at least two to three weeks. The dry Mehendi is obtained from henna plants that are dried and converted into powdered form. After that, the powder is mixed with lemon juice, water, strong tea, and some other ingredients depending on the culture and tradition in which the Mehendi is made. Sometimes molasses and sugar are also added to the paste to improve its consistency so that it remains stuck to the skin. The paste must be made 48 hours before you are going to apply it. The henna is applied with many different tools that include wooden sticks and plastic cones. In Morocco, it is commonly applied using a syringe.     

The leaf of the Mehendi plant contains lawsone molecules. Once the powder is converted into the paste it has to be used within a limited time or else it will lose the ability to darken the stain. The packed pastes have an expiry date that warns you about the color of the Mehendi. 

Varieties of Heena

There are three main varieties of Heena.

  • Natural Henna: This one gives a natural reddish-brown stain that lasts for one to two weeks and darkens after it is dried and removed in a minimum of 24 hours.    
  • Neutral Henna: This Mehendi is usually used to dye the hair. The neutral henna does not change the color of the hair. It is not obtained from henna plants but other different plants. 
  • Black Henna: The black henna powder is derived from indigo plants. It includes certain dyes and chemicals that color the hair or skin black when applied. They are mainly used in black body art.    

Process of Applying Mehendi

Process of Applying Mehendi

Mehendi is normally applied using a plastic cone that is filled with the paste. A small pointed cut is done at the end of the cone from which the Mehendi is applied. In ancient times it was also applied with the help of wooden blocks, in the same way of block printing the cloth. Some beautiful designs were carved on the blocks, it was dipped in the paste and then pressed on the palm. For applying Mehendi like this a different marron paste or Alta was used. And still, this maroon color is used to paint the fingers and toes. Nowadays the pretty Mehendi designs are also applied using earbud and toothpicks to make fancy and stylish mehndi designs.

Color of the Mehendi

When the Mehendi is applied it is wet, after 30 to 45 minutes it dries and starts cracking. Once it dries, apply the paste of lemon juice and sugar to fix it again so that you can get a darker color. Covering it with a tissue or a cotton cloth overnight or for 6 to 8 hours will give a dark brown color to your henna. After removing it, the color will be dark orange and when it will oxidize with air and water it will be darker with a final reddish-brown color. Applying natural oils such as coconut oil or olive oil to the Mehendi will give a beautiful color. This temporary tattoo lasts for two to three weeks depending on the quality of the paste. 

How to Apply Mehendi step by step

Applying Mehendi is an art. People with good drawing skills can draw the Mehendi more easily as compared to those who are not so perfect in art. Another thing is the interest, if you are really interested then you can easily craft it on the hands. Applying the paste in a proper procedure will make a drastic Mehendi design. The smell of Mehendi is very pleasant and it is not harmful to any skin type. It can be applied to kids as well as ladies without any hesitation. 

Starting from the End Point

While applying Mehendi always keep in mind that you have to start from the bottom and end at the fingertips. If you are applying a full-hand Mehendi then start it from the elbow and for the palm, Mehendi starts it from the wrist. It will be more convenient to start from the bottom as you can apply it more efficiently. Make sure that the cone you use works smoothly so that the designs that you draw look clean and adoring.

Front Hand Mehndi Design

front hand mehendi design

First of all, apply the Mehendi on the front side of the hand. Make the design as per your choice and choose it according to the occasion. For the wedding day and other pre-wedding or post-wedding functions, you can choose the full hand Mehendi with intricate designs. If you are applying it for festivals and other auspicious occasions then you can opt for the simple and short ones with florals and paisleys.

Back Hand Mehndi Design

After completing the front side apply it on the backside. The bracelet style Mehendi looks more appealing on the back of the hand. You can also draw similar designs as you have drawn in the front of your hand. The chain-like design with flowers is also a pretty one. For a sober and elegant look, you can try the Arabic Mehendi designs or choose an asymmetrical design to decorate both hands.

Filling the Fingers

Once your front and backhand Mehendi design is applied then at last complete filling the fingertips. There are a number of adoring and alluring designs to fill the fingers. Linings and checks, small flowers, completely colored tips, and some other pretty designs are used to complete your overall Mehendi. Filling the fingers gives the final touch to your Mehendi and makes it look completely effective. 

Types of Mehendi Designs

dulhan mehendi design

As we know that the design and varieties are not limited to the Mehendi here we have some more mehndi designs for the applier. The Mehendi design is classified into some different categories according to the type of designs drawn. It can be designed as per the origin and culture of the people and their religion. 

Indian Mehendi Design

The most intricate and immensely detailed type of Mehendi is the Indian Mehendi design. This design signified Indian diversity and its culture. It consists of tiny and amazingly beautiful designs and is applied to full hands. The Indian designs usually include Kalash, birds, animals, bride and groom figures, and some detailed paisleys. These mehndi designs are usually applied to Indian brides that give them a stunning bridal look.

Arabic Mehendi Design

This Mehendi is more popular for its spaces and linings. It is an art with a unique style and bold variations. It has its significance from the gulf countries. It holds a totally different artwork as compared to the Indian style. They are more spread out and sometimes referred to as the Mughal designs. This style can be applied in less time as compared to the other types of Mehendi design. It is one of the most admired styles by girls.

Indo-western Mehendi Design

The indo-western looks similar to Arabic and is a fusion of the Indian and western cultures of Mehendi. It is usually considered as a short Mehendi design that takes a minimum of time to be applied with quirky designs. It has thin and small designs with many spaces and dots. It usually has bold patterns that are filled with some Indian designs making it an adoring Indo-western Mehendi design style.

Pakistani Mehendi Design

If you go through the Pakistani mehndi design then you will find it similar to the Indian Mehendi patterns. They are also highly intricate and are detailed with some pretty designs. Aladdin and jasmine, domes, leaves, mosques, and other Pakistani designs are crafted in the Mehendi. The Pakistani brides write their partner’s name in Urdu like the Indian tradition in their bridal Mehendi with some adorning designs.

Western Mehendi Design

The western Mehendi designs are basically the modern henna tattoo that consists of small and limited Mehendi patterns. Like a bracelet at the wrist with a chain pattern connecting the wrist and ending at the finger is just graceful. Making the creatures such as butterflies, animals, cartoon characters and some other quirky shapes will make a beautiful western Mehendi. These designs are more popular among teen girls and foreign countries.

Morrocon Mehendi Design  

This design usually consists of geometrical figures that are square, triangle, or round with zig-zag lines and curves. They are preferable for both men and women. In other countries, the black henna is used to decorate the different body parts that include usually the ankle, wrist arms, and palms. They are not too elaborated and do not contain intricate Mehendi designs. They look perfect at occasions and events.          

There are infinite variations and designs of Mehendi. The Mehendi even includes certain different types such as a flower Mehendi, peacock Mehendi, dulha-Dulhan mehndi, Arabic Mehendi, etc. Some of them have intricate designs and some may be small with spaces.

Mehendi Designs for Brides

The bridal Mehendi designs are for full hands including intricate designs. On the special wedding day, an amazingly beautiful mehndi is applied on both the hands above the elbow and both the feet of the bride. Usually, intricate designs are applied and the initial or name of the groom is also hidden in the bride’s mehndi that is to be found in post-wedding functions. A special mehndi artist applies it to the bride. 

Types of Bridal Mehendi

The beautiful Dulhan Mehendi includes many different designs and patterns. They usually include intricate and tiny designs that look much adoring with the bridal lehenga. Here are some of the most popular Mehendi designs for marriage.

Peacock Mehendi Design

One of the most favorite mehndi designs among the brides is the peacock mehndi design. Peacock feather, its face, or the whole peacock can be drawn on the palm or near the elbow that makes sterling and heart-melting Mehendi. This makes a traditional mehndi pattern that is very popular for brides. Covering the rest of the hand with intricate linings, some paisleys, swirls, and dots complete the overall Mehendi.

Dulha Dulhan Mehendi Design

Another famous one is the dulha Dulhan mehndi design. This one includes the groom in one hand and the bride in another. Or it may be the dulha-dulhan holding their hands when both the palms are joined together. The bride sitting in the doli and the groom on a horse is also a famous mehndi design. Groom applying the sindoor and both of them taking the seven rounds is also the prettiest among all.

Rose Mehendi Design

Floral mehndi designs are the love of the modern brides, from which Mehendi design rose is the most favorable one. Rose in different sizes designed all over the hand with some leaves and linings makes an adoring bridal mehndi design. The rose petals are darkly highlighted so that the mehndi can get an alluring look. Some dots, checks, lines, and squares complete the overall Mehendi.

Elephant Mehendi Design: In the olden days, at the wedding of rajas and maharajas when there were no vehicles, the groom used to go to the bride’s place through elephants. Keeping that historical Indian culture in mind the brides apply Mehendi with elephants and some people playing musical instruments for their wedding day. This mehndi design looks really pretty with a beautiful bridal lehenga and some traditional accessories.  

God Mehendi Design

The Hindu bride also applies Mehendi containing God idols. The designs of Ganesha, Shiv-Gauri, and Radha-Krishna are the most popular ones for brides. Krishna with a peacock feather at the palm or back of the hand makes a glorifying Mehendi design. Some swirls, domes, checks, and flowers surrounding the idol of the god completes the Mehendi. Painted tips of the finger make the Mehendi look more attractive. 

Kalash Mehendi Design

Mehendi design containing Kalash with leaves and coconut is also the adoring one for the bride. Along with it peacock and other musical instruments are also drawn that gives an amazing look to your Mehendi. This Mehendi gives the bride a perfect Indian look. The brides of Rajasthan usually opt for this design for an adoring look. The traditional Rajasthani lehenga along with the traditional mehndi makes the bride look ravishing.

Lotus Mehendi Design

If you love florals then go for a lotus mehndi design. Flowers look really adoring on the bride’s hand. Not only brides, but other relatives can also try the design. The design also looks pretty at festivals like Raksha Bandhan and Diwali. If your bridal lehenga consists of floral prints then you should definitely try this Mehendi. Beautiful lotus pattern surrounded with leaves and paisleys looks really stunning

Checkered Mehendi Design

The most trending and latest one is the checkered mehndi design that includes flowers and linings that gives the Mehendi an elegant and flawless look. The check lines are detailed with tiny leaves and a dot in between. Brides love those pretty designs with some dots and leaves all over the hand. It will match perfectly for an engagement ceremony or reception party giving a drastic look to the bride.

Mehendi Designs for Bridesmaid

How can we ignore the swag of bridesmaids? They are also equally important like the bride and groom. As everyone wears a lehenga, saree, or other traditional dress at the wedding or other special events, so the henna tattoo perfectly matches it. There are thousands of beautiful designs and it’s a bit difficult to choose one of them as all of them are really heart-melting. So choose a beautiful one and complete your overall festive or wedding look.

Types of Mehendi for Bridesmaid

There are uncountable types of mehndi. Whether you are the bride, bridesmaid, or sister you can apply the temporary tattoo that will make you look more attractive. Decorate your hands with some pretty and lovely designs this wedding season to look the best. 

Full hand Mehendi Design

full hand mehendi design

The first one on the list is the full hand mehndi design. Covering both the hands from the fingertip to the elbow covering both the sides of the hands makes a lovely full hand Mehendi design. This design usually consists of intricate patterns and curves that make it highly adoring. The design usually includes paisleys, small flowers, leaves, peacock faces, linings, and checks. This Mehendi will be a perfect match for highly embellished lehengas and salwar suits.

Palm Mehendi

There are many girls who like short Mehendi or palm Mehendi. If you are in a hurry with no time then also you can try this one. They are easy, simple, and as attractive as the other Mehendi Designs. You can try the design that covers the whole palm or go for thin designs starting from the corner of the palm to the tip of the finger. These designs are perfect for pre-wedding and post-wedding functions.

Bracelet Style Mehendi


You can opt for something fancy and modernized by choosing a bracelet-style Mehendi. When wearing a three-fourth sleeve blouse or choli then this one looks really gorgeous. A broad design at the wrist making a bracelet pattern and some chain-like structure going to the finger completes the Mehendi pattern. You can ditch your bangles and bracelets if you are applying this mehndi style.

Half and Half Mehendi

half and half mehendi design

This one is really a cool and classy mehndi design. The half and half design include different designs and patterns on both sides of the hand. The half side can be filled with intricate designs and the other half side can be with spaces, linings, or checks. The combination of floral designs and intricate traditional design looks super ravishing. Filling the finger with a pretty design gives a final touch to the attire.

Round Mehendi

The pretty round design on the palm and a thin bracelet on the wrist is just too eye-catchy. A floral round at the palm and finger filled with intricate designs makes an adoring Mehendi that can be a proper match with the salwar kameez. If you are deciding to wear a full sleeves blouse or kameez then this design is greatly preferable. The design looks really adoring and for those who like simple mehndi designs.  

Symmetrical Mehendi Design

The symmetrical Mehendi makes the same design on both hands. They look really adoring with lehenga choli and other traditional outfits. It may be a traditional and intricate Mehendi design or it may be a floral Mehendi with a bracelet pattern. The designs are the prettiest ones that are a perfect pick for wedding functions. As there you need intricate and full-hand mehndi designs for festivals and events you can go for the simple ones.

Mehendi Designs for Kids

Applying mehndi is not only restricted to the adult, kids also love to apply it. Either it’s a wedding function or any festival they are the first ones who are much eager to apply Mehendi on both hands. Simple and easy mehndi designs with swirls and linings look more graceful on those soft and tiny hands.

Types of Mehendi Design for Kids

Kids are the ones who can’t wait to apply Mehendi. They are always much awaited for the occasion so that they can apply mehndi. So let’s go through some beautiful and amazing Mehendi designs that will look cute on your kiddos.

  • Mehendi with Stars and Dots

Kids love moons and stars and therefore it is a great idea to draw those stars and moon on their hands that will make them happy. The twinkling star drawn using the glitter cone and a half-moon will make it look really appealing and interesting. The dots and curves surrounding the stars are a great idea. Those stars will look perfect with lehenga choli, salwar kameez, or any other indo-western outfit. 

Flower Mehendi

A pretty rose or lotus in the middle of the palm or some flower petals with leaves and paisleys is a tremendous Mehendi design for kids. Flowers with heart shape petals or oval shape petals surrounded with dots and tiny leaves look really adoring. You can apply it at the front side or the backside of the hand. The design can be applied at festivals, weddings, or other auspicious functions for a dazzling look.

Mehendi including Creatures

The living creatures like birds, butterflies, elephants, and unicorns are drawn on the palm for fun and the kids just love it. They are easy to draw and look really adoring. As the design is simple and small it dries faster so that the kids don’t have to wait for so long. In this, the cutest ones are the butterflies with flowers and the unicorn with its horn and stars. So you can definitely try the Mehendi including creatures for your kids. 

Cartoon Mehendi

This one is perfect for cartoon lovers. Shinchan, Doraemon, kitty, mermaid, and barbies are the most loved cartoon characters by girls. A cute kitty or barbie with open hair drawn on the hand is really very pretty. This simple and elegant mehndi design will look great on your kid’s hand. Applying it on both hands in festivals such as Diwali and Raksha Bandhan will complete the entire ethnic look. 

Mehendi with Heart

A lovely heart-shaped Mehendi is easy to draw and looks really perfect on kids. It can be drawn as the front hand Mehendi or can also be applied as a backhand Mehendi. Decorate the heart with some dots, swirls, and lines to make it look more effective. Heat in the middle of the palm detailed with some intricate designs gives it an amazing look. Detailing the point of the finger makes the Mehendi look more attractive.

Swirls and Paisley Mehendi

Those little hands also look pretty in swirls and paisleys. These curvy Mehendi designs are really inspiring and adoring. Kids like those patterns on their hands and love to show them to their friends. Intricate and heavy designs do not look cool on kids therefore some simple and easy designs are perfect for them. Keep it simple and sober with short Mehendi. Just decorate the palm and avoid full-hand mehndi. 

Geometrical Mehendi Designs

The kids also look cool in geometrical mehndi designs. The squares, triangles, ovals, and other geometric designs with linings and shadings look perfect on the little hands. They can remember the shapes when they will look at their pretty Mehendi. The alphabetical Mehendi is also a great choice for kids to make them remember the alphabet. So you can do some creativity by applying the Mehendi at your child’s palm. 

Mehendi Design for Legs

Along with hands mehndi designs for legs are also equally important for brides. As the wedding day is the most important day of her life she gets herself ready with every single detail perfectly. Like full-hand mehndi, the legs are also decorated with mehndi that makes the bride look more appealing.

Types of Mehendi Design for Legs

The leg can be decorated till the ankle or below the knees with different types of designs and variations. It is said that the bridal look is incomplete without leg Mehendi, therefore the henna designs similar to hands pattern are applied to give the bride a complete look. Check out some of the mehndi designs for legs.

  • Floral and Paisley Mehendi Design

If you are applying floral mehndi design in your hands then you should apply the matching one in legs too. Usually, both the hands and legs are detailed with the same designs so that the Mehendi look really effective. Rose floral details at the ankle surrounded with leaves and paisleys will look really adoring. The Mehendi in legs is usually applied by the brides at weddings, Teej, and karwachauth functions. 

  • Check Style Mehendi Design

For a sober yet elegant look, you can surely go for the beautiful checker style Mehendi. Combining the same one on hands will look more interesting. The check linings are detailed with some intricate designs so that they may look super attractive. In this mehndi design, the feet are detailed with checks and the ankle and toes are decorated with other designs. Trying this design will also make your bridal look really appealing

  • Full Leg Mehendi Design

Many brides opt for a full-leg mehndi design that covers the entire lower part of the leg below the knees. The full-leg Mehendi design is especially applied for the wedding day. For other functions such as engagement ceremony and reception party, you can choose the design till ankle but it depends totally up to your wish. This Mehendi mainly includes intricate designs that are drawn in florals and lining patterns. 

  • Arabic Mehendi Design for Leg

Make a perfect combination by applying Arabic mehndi designs in hands and legs. These designs have more spaces and a bit bigger designs as compared to the traditional Indian Mehendi designs. They contain more flower petals, leaves, and paisley designs rather than dots and lines. You can try the design for your wedding day or choose it for engagement for a dazzling look with your saree and lehenga.

  • Anklet-style Mehndi Design

The Indian women wear sparkling silver or gold anklets at auspicious festivals and weddings. They also wear thin ones on a daily basis. Inspired by those pretty jewelry an anklet-style mehndi design can be applied at the ankle. A pretty design at the foot and a chain-like structure surrounding the ankle give a proper anklet look to your mehndi. You can make it broad or thin as per your choice. 

  • Round Mehendi Design

Making the same round on the foot as you made on the palm will look mesmerizing. A pretty round on the foot and similar design on the toe and finger will make a classy Mehendi design. This round design is usually detailed with tiny dots and lining which makes it a beautiful and eye-catchy mehndi design. They are perfect for those who like to apply minimum designs on the leg. It is not so effective for the wedding day but is perfect for festivals.

  • Dotted Mehendi Design

The basic and simple dotted mehndi design with pretty lining borders and some flowers are the real eye-catchers. They are easy to apply and take minimum time. If you are busy with the preparations for the occasion and you also have to apply the mehndi then you can blindly pick this one. They are perfect for some auspicious functions and festivals as Indian women apply the henna mehndi on every occasion. 

  • Indo-western Mehendi Design

The mehndi design with a combination of the traditional and western pattern makes amazing henna. These designs have more spaces and large designs as compared to the other Mehendi and even take less time while applying. The designs are bold and elegant rather than intricate and tiny giving the Mehendi a mesmerizing look. Trying this pretty Mehendi on your legs will give you a unique and modern look.  

  • Mehendi Designs for Groom

Not only the brides but the grooms also apply mehndi. In Indian culture and tradition, it is believed to be an important ritual. His wedding day is equally special to him as to her bride. Mehendi’s design for the groom usually covers the palm and not the whole hand. It can be the initials of the couple or something religious.  

Types of Mehendi Design for Groom

The designs for the groom are not very vibrant and intricately detailed as compared to those of the brides. They are usually simple and small. Here are some amazing and beautiful groom mehndi designs that will allure your heart.

Mehendi with Initials

The best and perfect one for a groom is the initial of the names. Simply writing the initials of the bride and groom or drawing it inside the circle or any other shape looks simple and sober that makes an appealing mehndi design. You can even choose to write the whole name or make a new word by joining the name of the groom and bride and draw it on the hand. This one is highly trending among couples nowadays

Flower at the Palm

Another simple and easy one for the groom is applying a flower mehndi on the palm. A beautiful rose with pretty petals and leaves or a lovely lotus with some adoring details surrounding it leads to a cool and amazing Mehendi design. Some other floral designs switch heart shape petals, dome shape petals, and oval shape petals are also used to decorate the groom’s palm.

Geometrical and Paisley Designs

Some linings, checks, squares, and triangles are also one of the highly favorable mehndi designs for the groom. Applying matching Mehendi designs to the groom and the bride is fun. The bride’s mehndi can be detailed with the linings and checks and the same ones can be drawn on the groom’s palm. Filling the entire palm with lines and squares and some other designs will give an alluring look.

Dulha-Dulhan Mehendi

A beautiful dulha-Dulhan mehndi on the hand of the groom looks as adoring as the bride’s hand. One palm includes the dulha and the other palm includes the Dulhan or they both can be drawn on the same hand. It is a perfect Mehendi design for the wedding day. This design is very commonly designed by the grooms of Rajasthan. Along with the dulha and dulhan some other designs are also applied on the hand. 

Half Palm Mehendi

It is literally the cutest thing of the wedding function to apply the groom Mehendi. Half and half mehendi or half palm mehndi can be a beautiful pick for the groom. His makeover can be done with an intricate and detailed Mehendi or a simple and pretty small Mehendi design. The highly textured half-palm mehndi design will give the groom a dashing look. Wearing the sherwani and mehendi on the hand makes the Indian groom look just perfect.   

Heart-shape Mehendi

What can be more impressive than a heart shape mehndi design? A big heart containing the name of a couple and some beautiful designs is perfect for a groom’s hand. This design is perfect for those who don’t like intricate and tiny mehndi designs. The heart can be surrounded with some other designs and dots or it may be highlighted with several linings making a broad border around the heart.    

Mehendi with God Idol

Like a bride, the groom can also go for mehendi consisting of god idols. Ganesha, peacock feather, Radha-Krishna, and shiv-Parvati can be drawn on the palm to craft the beautiful wedding mehendi. Drawing the idols of god on the palm is believed to be a good sign as per the Hindu rituals therefore many grooms choose to apply this mehndi design for their wedding day. The peacock feather design is the most appropriate one for the groom.

Zig-zag Mehendi Design

Some zig-zag linings applied to the groom’s hand look really adoring. Filling the finger with those patterns gives the Mehendi an eye-catchy look. Usually, men apply short and palm mehndi designs therefore this one will be really favorable for them. The lines, triangles, curves filled inside the pattern make a ravishing mehndi design. It is a simple yet adorable type of design that is preferable for both men and women.

Festivals when Mehendi is Applied

We all know that girls and ladies love to apply mehndi at festivals, weddings, and other auspicious functions. Sometimes they also apply it for fun or as per their mood. If we come across the Indian culture, then we will see that applying Mehendi is the main ritual for women. The art of applying mehndi is in tradition since ancient Indian culture. Drawing some pretty and adoring designs on special occasions is believed to be good luck. Married women apply it at every festival that completes their overall makeup. Here are certain festivals on which the henna paste is applied.    


The most important function for a married woman is Karwachauth. A full-day fast without water and food is kept by the wife for her husband’s long life. On this special day, women wear traditional attire with pretty jewelry and accessories from which applying mehndi is most important. The pretty ladies usually prefer for full-hand Mehendi designs and wear a beautiful lehenga choli or a saree that will make you look extremely gorgeous.


Another festival that is equally important like Karwachauth and Mahashivratri is Teej. Women eagerly wait for this festival and start the preparation two to three days before. The attire, matching accessories, and beautiful mehndi designs complete your overall traditional and festive look. Usually, women wear green and yellow color attire on this festive day. The pretty mehndi design completes the overall look. 


Diwali is one of the main Indian festivals that are all about fun and happiness. There are many functions before and after Diwali. Girls apply beautiful mehndi designs at the festival. This one lasts for three to four days that even includes Bhai dooj. Women apply different types of henna tattoos with some gorgeous and adoring designs. Cartoon Mehendi for kids and floral mehndi for adults.


One festival that girls love the most is Rakshabandhan. This festival of brother and sister is celebrated with a lot of joy. The sisters wear ethnic or traditional clothes on this day and pair some beautiful accessories with the attire to complete her mesmerizing look. They also love to combine some beautiful Mehendi designs with the outfit. You can choose the Arabic mehndi designs or any other traditional design for the occasion


Gangaur is the main festival of the Rajasthani people. They wear beautiful ghagra-choli with their traditional accessories from which the round maang-tikka covering the forehead is the most important accessory. Along with those pretty jewelry, some beautiful mehndi designs are also applied that is an important thing to do before gangaur. The homemade Mehendi applied using homemade cones are more favorable for festivals.

Popularity of Mehendi

Mehendi is not only famous in India, but it also has popularity throughout the globe. The neighboring Indian countries as well as the western countries are highly famous for their love of henna tattoos. The mehndi is not only limited to hands and legs in other countries people like to draw this temporary tattoo on arms, back, ankle, and shoulders. You may also have seen many cancer patients applying mehndi on their scalp that gives them positive vibes and is really fun for them to do this giving a reason to enjoy their life. 

The dark green henna paste is loved by adults as well as kids. If we go back in history then we will come to know about the significance of mehndi in ancient times. The word Mehendi is derived from the Sanskrit word mendhika. Its use is described in the Hindu Vedic ritual books. Women and men also apply the dry henna leaves paste on the hair to give it a dark brown color hiding the grey hair.

Hindus and Muslims both have their own cultural values for Mehendi. It is known as good luck and spiritual activity to apply mehndi. At the time of the Mughal era, women used to apply it before the wedding day. A special function known as the Mehendi ceremony was celebrated one night before the wedding in which all the ladies apply mehndi to each other or get it drawn from the mehndi artist. The function is celebrated in the presence of family members, relatives, friends, and the guests that are invited. The ritual is still followed by the people at weddings and even it is applied one day before any auspicious functions. 

After its immense popularity in India women across the globe started applying it. In foreign countries, people used to apply it as a temporary tattoo by making different characters and creatures on the body. Usually, black henna is used to make such tattoos in the body. It is believed that applying mehendi to one’s body brings integrity, happiness, and fortune to a newlyweds life. Basically, every country has its own way and tradition to apply mehndi and in short, the art is done in every part of the world. Whether it’s the ancient world or the current world the culture of applying the henna is followed as per the same eagerness, happiness, and joy. 

Tips to make the Henna Darker

Darker the Mehendi, prettiest it looks. Every lady cherishes to make her Mehendi last long and get the darkest color. Basically, the color of mehndi depends upon the quality of mehndi but if you want to make it more appealing then you can try some natural ingredients and oils to make it look the best. If the mehndi is dark it will last up to two to three weeks.   

  • Eucalyptus Oil

There are several uses of eucalyptus oil. It is used to get relief from joint pains and is even used for other pharmaceutical purposes. One more use of the oil is to make the mehndi that you applied to your hands darker. Once you take off your Mehendi, clean your hands properly with a tissue or cloth and take a few drops of oil, rub it on the palm and apply it all over the mehndi for at least one to two minutes so that it absorbs in the skin properly. Wait for 4-5 hours and avoid touching water and after that, you will get it darker.  

  • Mustard Oil

The greasy and thick mustard oil can be applied to henna to make it dark brown. The bride’s mehndi must be dark and attractive. Many of them especially order the most popular and highly effective Rajasthani mehndi. The henna from Rajasthan is considered to be the darkest one. But if you are in doubt regarding the color of the mehndi then mustard oil or any other greasy oil will make the color darker. Apply it on the clean hand and let it get fully absorbed in the hand for better results. 

  • Vicks Vaporub

Yes, you heard it right. Applying Vicks to your mehndi will give it a dark color. You can use it once your Mehendi designs dry. Once you take off your Mehendi when it is dried then take a little number of Vicks and rub it properly on both the hands or in areas where Mehendi is applied. The properties of Vicks help the stain remain darker for more than one week and after that, it starts depleting. Apply it overnight so that you can avoid touching water so that the stain will darken in that 8-9 hours.  

  • Clove Smoke

As per the Indian culture and ancient tradition is to use the cloves heat that will darken the color. You need to take four to five cloves in a pan and heat it. Keep it on a low flame and put your hands on the smoke for a few seconds and then take it off when you feel it warm, repeat the process three to four times all over your hands where the mehndi is applied and see the results. It is really an effective way to darken your Mehendi that is used for a long time for making it look amazing.

  • Lemon Juice and Sugar

Another way that will make your henna darker is by applying the mixture of lemon juice and sugar. One tablespoon of lemon juice mixed with a teaspoon of sugar makes a sticky mixture that needs to be applied to the dry Mehendi designs. Use cotton balls to apply the mixture to your Mehendi and let it last for 5-6 hours. It will make the Mehendi stain become brownish-maroon if you keep it overnight for at least 9-10 hours avoiding water to get a better result and for brides it is the best way to darken her Mehendi. 

How it will Change the Color

The Mehendi changes its color after a few hours of removing it. After removing the Mehendi it will be dark orange in color and will darken after 8-10 hours. It will naturally get a dark brown color if you don’t put your hands often in the water. Applying the Mehendi before 48 hours will provide you a perfect color. The dark orange will change into brown and then the final color will be brownish- maroon with a perfect satin on your hands. Choosing any of the above-mentioned tips will also give you a dark stain. Make sure that you wear dark color clothes or old clothes while applying the henna as the stain does not go from the cloth. The bride usually wears dark green color or any other green-colored cloth at her Mehendi ceremony so that it does not catch the stain.

At the Mehendi function wearing green color is mandatory. Nowadays many people arrange for different themes but green has always been the main one. The function is celebrated one or two days before the marriage so that the Mehendi stain becomes darker on the wedding night. The bride, bridesmaid, and other relatives apply beautiful mehndi at the function, dance, and enjoy the day with utmost joy. 

Learn to Apply Mehendi

Besides getting their hands decorated with mehndi women also love to learn how the mehendi is applied so that she can apply it on her own hands whenever she likes. Nowadays there are a number of video tutorials and online classes from which you can learn to apply the mehndi. You can join classes or start from the basics by going through some short and simple mehndi designs.  

Here are some steps that will help you regarding the learning of applying Mehendi.

  • Start from Basics

Whether you are joining the classes or learning by yourself the first thing is to go with the basics. It means that you need to draw small designs such as flowers, linens, and curves for the first time and after that go with intricate designs. First, draw the design that you have in your mind on paper and after that, you can draw it on one of your hands or anyone else’s hands. 

  • Fill the Design with Lines and Curves

After being comfortable with the big motifs and outline try to fill them with lines, dots, and curves. You can do checker design, swirls, leaves, or some other patterns to make your mehndi look more attractive and interesting. Trying Arabic and western Mehendi designs, in the beginning, will be more convenient as they are easy and simple as compared to the traditional designs.

  • Go for Intricate Traditional Design

Once you learn to draw the simple and short designs perfectly then go for the authentic and traditional ones. You need enough practice to draw the traditional Indian mehndi designs as they are indulged with many tiny designs. Try on your mum’s hand or your granny hand and some paper practice are also essential so that you can do your best art. 

  • Apply Shorthand Mehendi

If you are a beginner then go with short mehndi designs. You can choose a palm mehndi design or a short Mehendi design covering the wrist to make a gorgeous Mehendi design. Drawing the indo-western Mehendi, bracelet style Mehendi and Morrocan Mehendi will be more helpful for the learner. Fill different designs at the finger to make your Mehendi look more amazing. 

  • Finally, go with Full hands and Legs

When you are well comfortable with drawing different designs then finally you can go for full hands and legs mehndi design. A proper tutorial is very necessary to become a good Mehendi artist. Only going through the pictures is not going to help you. Learn to draw from an experienced artist, look at their work, and then you can show your best.

There is a huge demand for experienced mehndi artists at weddings as the bride as well as other members have to look the best at this special occasion. Not only for weddings for festivals like karwa Chauth, Teej and eid also a special mehndi artist is hired to apply the mehndi. While applying Mehendi the hand of the artist gets stained from the dark orange color of the henna. The stain cannot be fully removed from the skin but you can make it lighter by applying some ingredients to it.

How to Remove the Mehendi

It is not possible to remove the mehndi instantly in one go but the color can be faded by using certain tips. When your Mehendi starts fading color you can remove it more quickly by using certain tips and tricks. 

While applying the mehndi the artist gets their hand-stained and for removing those stains they use different ingredients. If you wash off your mehndi with water suddenly after applying it then it will not get the color and will be faded in two to three days, but if you want to remove your dark mehndi then you can try the below-mentioned ways. Here are some ways by which you can remove the mehndi. 

  • Baking Soda and Lemon Juice

A mixture of a full tablespoon of baking soda and two teaspoons of lime juice can be applied to your henna to make it lighter. Lemon is considered to be the best skin lightening agent and mixing it with the soda will make the mehndi stain lighter and will help you vanish the satin in just three to four days.

  • Soak it in Salt Water

Salt is a good exfoliating agent for your body. Not the table salt but sea salt and Epsom salt are more effective. The normal salt also works but these ones work faster. Add two to three tablespoon of salt in warm water and soak the Mehendi area in it for about 20 minutes. Do it regularly till the henna stain vanishes from your hand.

  • Micellar Water

For a gentle and easy method to remove the Mehendi stain, you can use micellar water. Soak your skin completely in the water for ten to fifteen minutes and then rub the areas gently where the mehndi is applied. Doing it three to four times a week will help you remove the satin within a week.

  • Nail Polish Remover

Even the nail polish remover can be used to remove the Mehendi stain from your hands. Pour the liquid on a cotton swab and rub it on the Mehendi to lighten the color of the dye. Use it once a day for three to four days to fully remove the stain from your hands and legs. Apply it and after a few minutes wash your hands with water and repeat the process till the Mehendi completely vanishes.

  • Whitening Toothpaste

You can even apply the whitening toothpaste to your Mehendi that will help you remove it faster than removing it naturally. Rub a favorable amount of paste to your henna tattoo and let it dry properly. Once it is dried then use an old toothbrush and clean off the dried paste. After a few minutes clean it with water to lighten the color.

  • Makeup Remover

A makeup remover having silicone can help you remove your Mehendi stain within a week. Apply it with a cotton swab and after a few minutes clean the hands with a dry cloth. It will help you remove the Mehendi faster. The makeup remover will be gentle to the skin and you can use it regularly till the stain finally vanishes. 

This will help you to remove your Mehendi faster than naturally. Do not overuse the ingredient to run your skin sensitivity. Apply it as per the need and wait for some time to get the desired result. The stain can be removed from the hand but it cannot be removed from the cloth therefore usually people wear old clothes or dark color clothes while applying the Mehendi so that if it gets stained with the henna then you don’t have to worry about it.

Some Origins of Henna

The love for Mehendi is irreplaceable and it has a number of varieties. Mehendi has been an important part of the Indian culture for a long time. Not only in India but it has significance in every country throughout the globe. The origins of henna are said to be found in Egypt. Queens there used to color their hair and nails as well as apply it at the palms making amazing designs. During that period only the rich and royals used to decorate their hands with beautiful Mehendi designs. Then along with the passage of time, it became an important factor for special occasions. Weddings and other important events are always incomplete without henna art.

  • Existence

Henna has existed in the world for centuries. It is cultivated in semi-arid zones and tropical areas. The plant is native to Northern Australia, Africa, and Asia. It has been used for cosmetic purposes as well as has some healing properties too. It has been used in healing wounds and cooling the body temperature. The plant produces a red-orange dye molecule, lawsone, that is being used to dye skin, fingernails, hair, silk, leather, and wool. It is used as a skin conditioner and also a hair conditioner for both men and women.

  • Medicinal Properties

If we go through the medical properties of henna then they are uncountable. The plant is not inhaled or ingested rather it is applied to the surface of the wound. The ancients used to apply it on the skin surfaces to get relief from headaches, burns, stomach pains, sunburns, fever, and many more things. It is also used in the prevention of hair loss. It is also used as an insect repellent and is even well-known for its anti-fungal properties. It is a non-allergic substance that does not include any chemical and therefore it can be applied to anyone and it is very rare to get rashes or allergies from henna. If the skin is too sensitive or you have some allergies then you should avoid applying it.

  • Uses

The powdered henna is mixed with water and some other ingredients and can be used to apply on nails, hair, and legs. The cones that are available in the market are used to apply the mehndi at weddings and other special events. Indigo and amla are added to the powdered mixture so that it does not shine reddish-orange. Both of these ingredients add a brown or black effect to the paste. When applied to the scalp it cools down the body temperature making the hair soft and smooth. Apply the paste to dried shampooed hair for perfect results. The mehndi will not give a proper stain to oily hair.  

Some Pretty Mehndi Designs

As the varieties and variants are infinite, let’s go through some more mehndi designs.

  • Dotted Mehendi Designs

The simplest and prettiest dotted mehndi design is to put a large dot in the middle of the palm and surround it with other small dots. The fingertips are filled with the mehndi that makes it look more effective and attractive. Some linings and checks detailed with dots also look graceful on the hands. If you are a beginner then you should definitely try the dotted mehndi designs to make yourself comfortable with the art. 

  • Thin Mehendi Designs

A thin mehndi design with spaces, linings and small flowers starting from the palm tip and ending to the fingertip makes a simple and elegant design. These designs are highly loved by young girls as they are sober and pretty, giving a temporary tattoo that looks well with jeans and other western clothes. Applying these designs with black henna looks fabulous. You can try black henna for making these fabulous designs.

Simple Mehendi Designs

Applying a simple mehndi design is more preferable for family gatherings and auspicious events where you don’t have to accessorize yourself with heavy jewelry and makeup. They usually include small floral designs, some paisleys and swirls, and small leaves. Detailing the finger with broad linings and checks completes the entire mehndi. Trying this one for Raksha Bandhan and Diwali will be the best pick. 

  • Peacock Feather Mehendi Designs

The one that looks super adoring and can’t be rejected by any lady is the peacock feather Mehendi design. A big feather covering the whole palm or some small feathers all over the hands makes an alluring Mehendi that goes well with lehenga choli, salwar kameez, and sarees providing you a glorifying look. The idol of Krishna along with the peacock feather is also a great one for festivals and special events.

  • Detailing the Finger

For a short and simple mehndi design you can go for decorating the fingers with intricate and beautiful designs. This one usually looks perfect at the backside of the hands. Just detailing all the fingers with adoring designs including petals, leaves, flowers, and linings along with some dots will complete your short and pretty Mehendi design. You can try this design for auspicious functions or any small family function. 

  • Leaf Mehendi Designs

The easy and attractive one that even takes less time to craft on the hands is the leaf mehndi design. Applied with a variation in leaf patterns whether small or large with some lines and details inside the leaf is just heart-melting. Covering the whole hand with leaves and flower buds is too pretty to handle. This mehndi design looks cool on teenagers and young girls. It is least preferred for weddings but is perfect for other occasions.

  • Half Mehendi Designs

For a modern and stylish look, you can go for half mehndi design. Covering half of your palm with beautiful mehndi designs and leaving the other half plain. This one makes a stunning and classy Mehendi design that looks perfect with ethnic as well as western wear. The designs are mostly admired by girls as they can flaunt them as a temporary tattoo. Applying the designs with neutral henna or black henna will make it look more effective. 

  • Glitter Mehendi Designs

To give your Mehendi a glittery and shimmery look you can apply the liquid glitter above your mehendi that will make it look more complimenting. Fill the glitter inside your mehendi designs and make them look more admiring. Once you remove the dry mehendi fill the spaces with glitter and let it dry. This will make your mehendi look the best. Doing this sparkles on kids Mehendi will make them super excited.

  • Geometric Mehendi Designs

Craft some geometrical figures on your hands to make a gorgeous geometric mehendi design. Squares and circles detailed with some intricate designs, linings and dots give the mehendi an amazing look. A beautiful circle at the palm decorated with flower petals and leaves completes the overall mehndi design. Some overlapping geometrical figures and some beautiful details surrounding it make a sterling Mehendi.

  • Pretty Indo-western Mehendi

It consists of traditional Indian designs and some western or Arabic designs with spaces to make a beautiful mehendi. The fusion of western and Indian mehendi makes this one the best mehendi design. This design is perfect for parties and festivals, girls can also apply this design at weddings for a ravishing look. They are mostly short-hand that starts below the wrist and ends at the fingertip.

  • African Mehendi Designs

As per the name, these designs originated from the African culture. The design usually consists of lines, dots, and curves that give a cool and classy appeal to your mehendi. The beautiful African mehndi designs can be crafted on the hand by using natural henna or black henna. People also use white Mehendi or white body paint to decorate their hands, legs, and other body parts instead of the green henna.

  • Spiral Mehendi Designs

Another one that makes the hands look stunning is the spiral mehendi design. They cover both the side of hands with a broad spiral design starting from the elbow till the front palm. The fingers are detailed with similar designs that give the mehendi a beautiful look. The design usually consists of tiny and intricate patterns to make the art look more efficient. The spirals can be continued from elbow to palm or it can be drawn like a bracelet-style Mehendi. 

  • Kashmiri Mehendi Designs

The traditional mehndi patterns of Kashmir are usually thick and bold. The mehndi paste used to apply it is very smooth and the cone is a bit thick making the prettiest mehndi designs. The Kashmiri brides love to apply the mehndi at weddings and special occasions as the art includes some beautiful local structures and portraits. The local brides apply this authentic mehndi using natural henna one night before the function. 

  • Portrait Mehendi Designs

The portrait mehndi designs are very popular among the brides and the bride especially applies this mehndi for their special day. It can be a dulha-dulhan portrait, a bride’s portrait, a Radha-Krishna portrait, or a couples portrait that makes such an adoring bridal Mehendi that it is difficult to take your eyes off from it. Drawing this Mehendi is very difficult and only an experienced artist can draw this one perfectly.

  • Tribal Mehendi Designs

The design with ancient signs, lines, zig-zags the sun, trees, walls, and shadings with large spaces and bold designs makes a perfect tribal mehendi design. As this design looks more like a tattoo it will be perfect for getting a fancy and unique temporary style mehndi design. The trial people love to craft their traditional mehendi designs at auspicious functions and weddings. It is not necessary that only they can apply this style of mehndi, you can also try this for something unique and stylish.

  • Mandala Mehendi Designs

The mandala chakra between the palm surrounded with tiny dots and designs makes a pretty and heart-melting mehndi design. It is named after the ancient round structure that was crafted on the wall and tiles to give it a mesmerizing look. In this mehndi design around chakra is drawn in the palm and the fingers are detailed with similar designs. Along with the finger and palm the wrist can also be decorated with a broad bracelet-like structure. 

Applying mehndi is not limited to the ancient period and brides. Girls as well as men in other countries also apply the temporary henna tattoo for a classy and fashionable look. The natural henna is used to decorate the Indian bride’s hand and legs. If you are applying it for tattoo purposes then you can use the black henna as it will give your mehendi a perfect tattoo style look. Sometimes Mehendi is applied for fun too without any occasion or festival. Girls apply it at their farewells and other parties that give a stunning look to them. The natural henna is more preferred as compared to others as the stain of this Mehendi lasts for three to four weeks. The stain can be darkened using some natural ingredients like oils, lime and sugar, and some other things. Choose the desired design and get the mehndi applied on your hand with an experienced artist or beautician.