Mehendi Designs for Kids

Mehendi is a form of art usually done on hand and legs. It has now become a tradition. The art of mehandi originated from Mughals. In ancient times the Mughals used to apply mehendi, after that the tradition of applying mehandi increased. Now mehendi is applied by women all around the world. Girls love to apply beautiful mehendi designs in weddings and festivals.

Mehendi is not only loved by adults, kids also love to apply mehendi on festivals and occasions. Kids are the ones who are always ready to apply mehendi. They love to apply mehandi and wear beautiful traditional dresses at weddings. Parents know that mehendi is not harmful to their little ones so they allow their kids to apply mehendi. There are many beautiful and elegant mehendi designs for these kiddos to apply on their hands. Some of the popular mehendi designs for kids are listed below. All these designs are simple and elegant and are good for kids to apply on any function and occasion.



Simple Mehendi designs

 The most preferred and popular mehendi designs for kids are the simple and elegant mehendi designs. In this design, small and simple patterns are made with dots and lines. This designs are perfect for the small and tiny hands of kids. The design looks pretty on their hands.

Simple Mehndi Design



Flower Mehendi design

The flower mehendi designs are loved by every kid. They like the shape of beautiful flowers made on their small and soft hands. The design is easy and simple. The hands are small so it’s enough to make two or three flowers on a hand or you can make one big flower.


flower mehni design


Bracelet style Mehendi design

The bracelet style mehendi design is a design that has a pattern of chain attached to a flower or any design made in the middle of the palm. The bracelet style of mehendi design is the most trending and latest style of mehendi design nowadays. They are simple and elegant mehandi designs and looks beautiful when applied.

bracelet style mehendi design

Round Mehendi design

Round mehendi design is a design in which a round pattern or a round flower is made in the middle of the palm and some designs on the finger tips are made. The design is simple to apply and looks pretty on tiny hands.  

round mehendi design

Dangling chain Mehendi design

The most trendy and cute dangling chain mehendi design looks very beautiful after applying. You can see how pretty the design looks on this small hand. Making the dangling chain designs on tiny hands looks dazzling. The design looks amazing in weddings when kids wear traditional outfits. They are simple and cute design in which dangling chains are joined to some flowers or patterns.

dangling chain mehendi design

Full coverage Mehendi design

Most of the kids demand to apply a full coverage mehendi design. The full coverage mehendi design is a pattern in which full palm is covered with different patterns and designs of mehendi. The design looks cute on the small and tiny hands. 

full coverage mehendi design

Leaf and Floral Mehendi design

The most simple elegant and oldest pattern of mehendi design is the leaf and floral mehendi designs. They are the simplest and most popular design pattern not only among kids but also among adults. The pattern usually includes designs of flowers and leaves as the name suggests.

leaf and floral mehendi design

Butterfly Mehendi design

The coolest of all mehendi designs is the butterfly mehendi design. This design includes patterns and designs of butterfly with some flowers and leaves. The wings of butterfly is decorated with beautiful designs and patterns giving mehendi a nice look. They look so good on little hands.

butterfly mehendi design

Trails Mehendi design

The trail mehendi design is nothing but a pattern in which only a thin line of mehendi is put on the hand starting from a fingertip till the end of palm. Some small patterns are also made on the tip of the fingers to give mehendi a pretty look. The design is simple and elegant and mostly loved by kids.

trail style mehendi design

Heart Mehendi design

As the name suggests the heart mehendi design blows away the heart of everyone. The design mainly consists of the heart patterns along with some other flowers and leaf designs. The mehendi looks super cool on the small hands of kids.

heart mehendi design

Half and half Mehendi design

Half hand mehendi design is a pattern of mehendi design in which half of the palm is decorated with mehendi patterns and half remain plain. Some tiny or dots patterns can be made on the plain side but it should not be very heavy, or else the pattern will look very fishy. The design is popular and is applied by many kids in functions and weddings. 

half and half mehendi design

Chakra pattern Mehendi design

As seen in the picture chakra pattern mehendi design is similar to round pattern mehendi design. It is a traditional Indian mehendi design. The mere difference is that in this pattern the designs are limited inside the round. The design should resemble a perfect round chakra. The pattern usually contains dots and round petal designs and looks beautiful on everyone who applies it.

chakra mehendi design

Band style Mehendi design

The band style mehendi design is a simple mehendi design made in the pattern of a band. The design is usually made on the wrist to give a band type look. The design looks sweet on small thin wrists of kids giving their hands a band style look.

band style mehendi design

Peacock Mehendi design

The peacock mehendi design is the most common and popular mehendi design. It is one of the most loved patterns by everyone. You can say that a mehendi design is incomplete without the peacock pattern. Peacock patterns are compulsorily made in bridal mehendi designs. The simple and small peacock patterns are made on small hands to give a traditional look to mehendi. 

peacock mehendi design

Swirl Mehendi design

Swirl means a spiral round type pattern. The pattern is made in the trail like pattern which starts from the tip of a finger and ends at the corner of palm. The design is also popular and is applied by kids and adults in functions and weddings. The spirals are looking so beautiful in the picture.

swirl mehendi design

Short Mehendi design 

Short mehendi designs are the one which have small patterns and designs. They are the best one for tiny hans. It takes very less time to make short mehendi designs. The design can be completed in a few minutes and looks good on small and little hands.short mehendi design

Dotted Mehendi design

The most simplest of all is the dotted mehendi design. If your little girl can’t keep patience while the application of mehendi then this is the best design you can apply on her hands. This looks cute and simple and also makes your girl happy.

dotted mehendi design

Disney Characters Mehendi design

The most loved characters are the disney characters. Nothing will look as cute as this one. You can apply the most amazing mehendi by drawing any disney character which your kid loves. It looks something different and unique when you apply this mehendi pattern on her hands.

disney character mehendi design

Glitter Mehendi design

The glitter mehendi design is so lovely as it glitters all the time. Your girl will love it when you will apply this magical mehendi on her hands. She will look pretty and adoring in this beautiful design.

glitter mehendi design

Something creative with animals

Mehendi does not merely mean to draw flowers, leaves, peacocks and all. You can do something creative by drawing different creatures and animals. You can be super creative by drawing different and unique patterns on your little one’s hand.

animal mehendi design

Something Fishy!

You can try with different types of fish and aquatic animals to make your kid’s hand look pleasant and pretty. This will make her super happy and she will adore it. The designs looks so pretty on tiny hands.

fish mehendi design

You should always apply fresh mehendi to get the best color results and it will not have any side effects. Different designs and patterns look so beautiful and amazing on hands.