Top 10 Interesting Names of Indian Mehndi Design & Types


Mehandi is a traditional art of painting the hands, feet or body with a paste made from the powdered, dried leaves of the henna plant. It stains a usually cherry-red to brown color but this can vary with time left on and a range of other factors. apply Mehandi on hand is compulsory for Indian festivals and family function we have lots of latest mehndi design.

Mehndi is an important part of Indian culture. It’s not just a means of beautifying your body but has become a statement jewelry in itself and choosing one that brings the best in you this festive season can put you in a conundrum.


Different Types Of Mehndi Designs-

Mehandi is not only beautiful, it has great cultural, sentimental and social importance. It’s a popular art-recognized all around the globe with special significance in the east, naturally, there’s a world full of different types of mehndi designs.

1.Indian Mehndi Designs


Indian Mehandi designs are very popular during traditional celebrations like Diwali and Karva Chauth. They are also a favorite with brides. Indian mehndi designs feature beautiful art inspired by earth, nature, and emotions. Birds and animals, the sun, Kalash, bride, and groom figures are featured quite often in Indian wedding mehndi designs.


2. Arabic Mehendi Designs


This mehndi design is vastly different than its Indian counterpart.  Arabic mehndi designs which are more spread out, largely feature cashew patterns and a lot of shading. Arabic mehndi is also sometimes referred to as Mughlai mehndi design


3. Indo- Arabic Mehndi Designs

Indo Arabic mehndi designs for hands often feature a pairing of Indian floral patterns and birds with Arabic cashew and shading. Fusion is a great way of bringing the best of two worlds together and the Indo Arabic Mehndi designs for hands are pretty good examples of fusion brought to fruition. These fusion mehndi designs are a showcase of the best of Indian and Arabic designs.

4. Pakistan Mehndi Design


Like Indian mehndi, Pakistani mehndi design features mandala patterns too, although not as frequently. This style is also greatly influenced by the Arabic designs. coming from the same region there are many similarities between the Indian and Pakistani Mehndi designs. However, this particular design does not feature traditional Hindu elements like the Bride, groom, and Kalash which are replaced by Domes, Flowers and Leaf.


5. Western Mehandi Designs



The western mehndi designs are a lot different than their desi cousins, they feature geometric shapes, quirky patterns and often imitate hand jewelry. E.g- the bracelet Mehandi, chandelier Mehandi, etc.


6. Indo Western Mehndi Design




The Indo western mehndi design is a mix of the east and west. This style of mehndi like the western mehndi is usually just worn as a style statement and is far from what traditional mehndi designs are like.  This mehndi design is quite spaced out and features modern patterns along with traditional Indian designs.


7. Moroccan Mehndi Designs



This type of mehndi design is inspired by traditional tribal symbols and patterns. Moroccan mehndi designs look a lot like western tribal tattoo art because of their zig-zag lines, geometric curves and quirky aesthetics.

There are many more types of mehndi apart from the ones listed above but these are the ones that are always trending around the globe. Diamond shapes, in particular, are a prominent feature. Unlike Indian mehndi designs, the Moroccan are not too elaborate but extremely beautiful without a doubt. These Mehendi designs will be perfect for kurtis and you can single Kurtis wholesale online at cheap price.