Top Marvellous Tips Taking Care Pimple Face In Winter.

How to take care of pimple face in Winter?

Winter can be very hard on the skin. In winter, cold weather, wind, and dry indoor air can suck moisture from your skin.  So add in the use of drying acne-fighting products and medications, to get to the bottom of treating winter breakouts, we consulted both dermatologists and aestheticians to debunk the myths and shed some insight into how to prevent and treat cold-weather acne. and you have a recipe for uncomfortable dryness, itching, flaking, and peeling. Let’sTry these four tips to care for your acne skincare routine and make your skin look a whole lot better.


1. Stop touching your face.

Lots of harmful bacterias can affect your skin so  try to ignore to touch your skin again and again.  To find out if touching your face is really as bad as it seems, Dermatologist and Heal Your Skin Below,  they clear up the hands and acne myth and explains the potentially harmful habit that can result from touching your face.

1. Hands down… touching your face is gross.

“Bacteria, viruses, and allergens transfer from fingertips onto the skin. Also, repeatedly rubbing the skin can do some real damage, rubbing the eyes”.

2. When getting touchy-touchy goes wrong.

“if you have a breakout either on your lip or genitalia and you inadvertently touch your eyes, this can lead to herpes keratitis, which in turn can lead to blindness. And it’s very easy to transfer genital herpes to the lips if you’re not careful.”

3. The real deal on breakouts and touching your face is…

” Acne is caused by the confluence three factors: excess oil, excess skin shedding and p. acnes bacteria. The skin is where it does the most damage because it can spread to other pores and manifest in yet another pimple.”

2. Use Moisturiser According to your face